Product Resources


The Art of Action (2010)

How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans, Actions and Results

Stephen Bungay

The Art of Action is a thought-provoking and fresh look at how managers can turn planning into execution, and execution into results.


The Build Trap with Melissa Perri (2019)

UX Collective

An interview with Ms. Perri about her book. Also covers setting up a product-led organization and her tool, the Product Kata.


Escaping the Build Trap (2019)

How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value

Melissa Perry

A clear and concise blueprint for building a product-led organization that values outcomes over ouput.


Inspired (2017)

How to Create Tech Products Customers Love, 2nd Edition

Marty Cagan

Solid advice on structuring teams, building a strong product culture and discovering the right product, regardless of your organization's growth stage.



Ben Thompson

A very thorough look at the strategies (mostly tech) companies pursue profit. There's a premium paid aspect, but also a ton of free information. And a podcast!